Courage and creativity – the building blocks of Maasterminal

25 September 2017

Wibo Feijen, director of Maasterminal, a chef in supply chain and wolf in style, discusses his passion and how he applied it to Maasterminal’s DNA of doing business. 

A chef in supply chain
“Was supply chain management always my passion? Ofcourse not! As a child, I wanted to become a chef. I loved the challenge of bringing together different elements and serving up a perfect result onto a plate. But I soon found out that a career in cuisine wasn’t the right path for me. In my entrepreneurial character, I hoped to become a director. Both chefs and directors bring together ingredients, people, and that’s what I do now in managing supply chains. I’ve been able to translate my passion for creatively bringing together elements, to the market of supply chain.

So how did I roll into the market of supply chain? I worked in a family company on the steel market, and rolled into a logistics company that was making a turnaround, trying to shift their focus of goods from steel to other fields. and trying to shift their focus of goods. I was looking for something new and innovating, and after having worked there, I decided to move on in order to seek bigger challenges.”

Courage as a driver
“I continually challenge myself, and my company, in order to strive for the best. I am not satisfied with an easy solution; I always choose challenge over comfort in order to fully solve a person or customer’s problems. I quickly realised that being in supply chain, you aren’t merely a player, but an actual partner in customers’ processes and development. We deliver demonstrable added value to their results, as well as our own. At Maasterminal, we believe that by thinking outside of the box and showing courage in our solutions, we’ll always stay ahead of the game. Who says the market of logistics should merely be based on business fairs, why can’t we meet each other through Skype speeddates? After all, isn’t the digitalisation of our world exactly what’s shortening distances and making things possible?”

A wolf in the pack
“In order to be the best, it’s all about having the guts to be able to deliver the solution to the challenge. But being the best doesn’t mean running ahead. My inspiration to staying creative and seeking a challenge, is the wolf. The strongest wolf always keeps behind the pack to steer and to encourage the group, and that’s how I try to run my company. Everyone has their own talents and plays an important part in our success. I am my weakest link and we are a group, that’s why I believe in leadership though encouragement and collaboration.

It’s my challenging and creative character that I continually try to pass on in my company, and hopefully I can pass on to my clients. I even hope to pass it on to my competition, it might keep it just that much more challenging for us here at Maasterminal.”

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