History of Steel Solutions

Steel Solutions BV was founded by Wibo Feijen. He grew up with steel, alongside his father. Liquid steel runs through his veins. His familiarity with the trading and processing of steel goes back decades. Thanks to his long-standing expertise, Wibo was one of the first to recognize the opportunities within the global market and make these his own. He gained his many years of experience in transportation and logistics with the company when it was still known as Steel Logistics Europe. Going a step further, he re-invented the company under the name Steel Solutions BV. This enabled the company to tackle the recession head-on. In fact, the company is actually growing despite the recession. It turns out that European companies need a partner that will roll up its sleeves and take charge of all the necessary brainwork and management of the chain. Asian companies are happy to have a partner familiar with for the intricacies of the European steel industry and that can take care of all the logistical and infrastructure operations.

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