World Cup 2018 – Lessons for Business #2


In his second in a series of blogs to mark this year’s World Cup, Steel Solutions CEO, Wibo Feijen looks at what went wrong for the Dutch men’s team this time. Why are they missing this year’s party, and what lessons can they and business leaders learn from the mistakes of the past?  

2.      Trust in your strategy
Soccer teams regularly have to change their strategy according to their next opponent. Even in the immediate term, the score or the timing of the last goal may affect the approach needed to stay – or get back – on top of a match. Companies are no different in this. If the required results are slower to materialise than expected or required, managers may well feel the need to change strategy. Good strategies however, take time to bear fruit.  

Does flexibility work?
We’re all called to be agile and to ensure our organisations are flexible. And recent developments in the steel sector have reinforced this. However, the long-term nature of strategic thinking also demands a long-term strategy, as well as patience and persistence. Results don’t always come at a first attempt.

The long haul
In business, we often talk about the long haul, and yet we tend to ignore the importance of having patience. Of course, you should remain alert to changes on your playing field and be able to respond to local and global events. But have faith in your long-term strategy! This certainly appears to have paid off for some of the teams who, unlike the Dutch, did make it to Russia. And hopefully, the approach and persistence will ensure the men make it to EURO 2020 in 2 years’ time.  

Dutch soccer Changing strategy 3 times in a short space of time failed to bring the Dutch national soccer team the success they so desperately needed.

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